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November 11-13 - 2011

District 84 Fall Fairytale Conference

YTTM Members had a GREAT time with plenty to write home about.  A Fairytale Conference was the theme and many dreams really DID come true!  Our photos are here, but more can be found on the District 84 site

Many fantasies come true for Toastmaster members, whether it is to overcome the fear of public speaking, meeting lifelong friends or becoming the leader they always dreamed of.  The "Once Upon A Time" Fall conference, held at the beautiful Daytona Beach Hilton, celebrated those fantasies and many more.

Attendees were encouraged to dress for the fairytale themed event on Friday night.  Here, YTTM members Nancy Hoehn, Scott Hoehn and Mabel Burridge are dressed as Ariel (Little Mermaid), King Triton and Gretel (Hansel & Gretel).  Although the shark got lost floating around for the evening, our members enjoyed a magical night of the Evaluation Contest and more.



Recognition of success for last year's achievements was given at the annual "Hall of Fame" session on Saturday morning.  Immediate Past District Governor (and YTTM member) Scott Hoehn, DTM, presented more than 80 awards to his DEC (District Executive Committee) volunteer members.  Nine Division Governors, 41 Area Governors and many Chairpersons received plaques, trophies and more.

Our very own Nancy Hoehn, DTM received special recognition for serving as the District 84 Public Relations Officer.

YTTM's Michael Burridge received the President's Distinguished Area award for completing the many challenges of serving District 84 as an Area Governor.  Responsibilities included assisting several clubs to achieve their goals, participate in Club Officer training, put on two Area speech contests and add at least one new club to his Area.  Can you guess which club that was?  You Talkin' to Me? of course!






After the Hall of Fame, Scott was given a Hall of Shame, otherwise known as the traditional Roast of the Past District Governor.  More than 300 attendees got to enjoy an hour of humorous reflections on the District Governor's past year.  The Roast Master for the day was past Humorous Speech Champ, David Loyd, DTM.  Check out the commentary on these YouTube Videos:

Opening Comments by David Loyd, DTM
Roaster Past District Governor Ron Parpart, DTM
Roaster Jerome Kalisz, ACG
Roaster International Director David Hollingshead, DTM
Roaster Brenda DeArmond, DTM
Roaster Past District 47 Gov Karl Righter, DTM
Roaster John Creighton, DTM
Roasters Lt Gov Marketing Dee Melvin, DTM and Judy Hayes, DTM
Roaster Lt Gov Educ & Training Dennis Wooldridge, DTM
Roaster District 84 Governor Jim Miller, DTM

Scott Hoehn, DTM's Rebuttals


And then, there's the very low-keyed, dignified, "DTM Walk", where members are honored for achieving Toastmasters International's highest award, the Distinguished Toastmaster award.  As names are announced, the member receives their DTM medallion from the District Governor.  They then are greeted by the District's current DTMs, receiving hugs, handshakes and high-fives.  For a video clip of the reception line, visit this link  To see Nancy Hoehn in particular, move the slide bar on the video to 6:20.  Talk about enthusiasm!!!

Scotts Rebranding Session