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October 13, 2011 - Full House!

Ice Breaker, Award Recipient & a Website Lesson - What a deal!

Just another fun night at the "You Talkin' to Me?" Toastmasters club.  The full room included several guests including a few University of Central Florida (UCF) college students.  The door is always open to visitors and the welcome mat is always offered to become a new member.  "Stuffy"?  HARDLY!  One thing the YTTM club prides itself on is packing FUN into the short hour and fifteen minute meetings!  Come join us every Thursday night at 6:30pm.  We're talkin' to YOU!

Although it was only Francine Bacchus's SECOND meeting, she volunteered to give her "Ice Breaker" speech.  This 4-6 minute project is the first speech every Toastmaster gives.  This very bright UCF student went over the top, including humor and poise into her talk.  Not only did she earn her "First Timers" ribbon that night, but she also won the "Best Speaker" ribbon as well!  Congratulations and welcome to "You Talkin' to Me?" Francine! We look forward to your future talks.

Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) Nancy Hoehn delivered an acceptance speech to complete a project in Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Manual, "Special Occasion Speeches".  Nancy accepted the "Flame  On!" award, which was a fictitious award supposedly present by the Foodie Channel.  Nancy is just ONE speech away from earning Toastmasters highest recognition, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM).

YTTM Member, Ed DeVincenzo gave a great talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which appealed greatly to all members hoping to achieve top rating in the Internet's search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).  Ed's expertise as an engineer brought the wisdom.  His skills as a Toastmaster brought the pizzazz!  Nice job, Ed!

"I don't get it.  How does Toastmasters help me improve?" you may be wondering.  For every member giving a speech there is a member assigned as their Evaluator.  Because of the sharpened listening skills gained through Toastmasters, a member's strong qualities are emphasized, while special care is given to suggest ways the speaker can improve their talk.  From left to right, the evening evaluators were seasoned Toastmasters,
 Mabel Burridge, Perry Smith and Lygia Arcaro.

Even the meeting gets evaluated!  General Evaluator, Lyn DeVincenzo made excellent suggestions in ways we can make meetings even MORE effective.  Keeping an eye on the time, explaining the roles better, etc are the little things that help enhance our club's performance.  These are also the details that can help out in our daily jobs.

Other functionary roles are filled by members which add to educational growth.  Michael Burridge, DTM filled the role of Timer for the evening, keeping members on track with reaching their target times.  Club President Janet Beckles, in the role of Grammarian, kept an ear out for colorful phrases, improper grammar and members' use of the Word of the Day ("Druthers"). 

Although all elements of a meeting are quite a bit to absorb on the first visit, our guests had a great time, with plans to become new members.  Here, Eric Nickerson and Adabel Princz gain tips from the evaluation portion of the evening.

Guests Shana Runcie, Amanda Haataia and Shane McCormacu from UCF added their energy to the Table Topic portion of the meeting where they were challenged to speak about their choices on a make-believe vacation.  Although guests can always "opt-out" of any speaking roles, these students jumped up at the challenge!  Thanks for joining us and we look forward to your joining our fun club!



Jacquie and Amber Montesdeoca
enjoyed themselves at the meeting. Amber is also a UCF student, majoring in art.  We look forward to their membership, especially knowing the creative insights they'll surely add to our club.  Thanks for joining us!


Recognition of outstanding performance is given at every meeting.  From Left to Right, Toastmaster of the Day and Area 53 Governor, Frank Ricchi, presents Francine Bacchus the Best Speaker and First Timer ribbon for her "Ice Breaker" speech.  Amanda Haataia received the Best Table Topic speech for her humorous impromptu talk about choosing miniature golf over volleyball if she had a choice on a teetering cruise ship. Amanda's father, Bob Haataia served District 84 as a Division Governor last year leading nearly 30 clubs in the Jacksonville area to become a President's Distinguished Division! Perry Smith receives the Best Evaluator ribbon for giving helpful tips to Nancy Hoehn.  Congratulations all!