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YTTM Members Attend Recent District 84 Spring

Superheroes Conference!

District 84 of Toastmasters International is comprised of the nearly 200 Clubs in Central and Northern Florida.  The nearly 4000 members of the District are invited to attend semi-annual conferences where lifetime memories and friends are made.  Four members of the "You Talkin' to Me?" club attended.  Seated in this picture are Faye Slater and Perry Smith.  Perry is talking to Eric Butler of the Castaways Club.  Eric was one of the top 9 International Speech Contestants of our District. 

Attending conferences is a sure way to becoming a Toast-a-holic! Great fun!

Sponsors and members of the YTTM Club, Nancy & Scott Hoehn also serve on the District 84 Leadership team.  Scott is serving as the District 84 Governor, responsible for the business management of the District, leading a team of more than 80 volunteers.  Nancy is serving as the District Public Relations Officer, directing the publicity efforts of the District Newsletter, Speakers Bureau,   S.W.A.T. team, Photographers and Reporters team.

For the Superheroes conference, they appeared as "The Negotiator" and "Captain Gavel".