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Lake Nona Members Visit YTTM
November 1, 2012

We had a great meeting on Thursday.....8 guests!!!!  Can you believe it???  Yes, it was wonderful to see ALL the seats filled and even more people walking through the door.  There were 5 guests from Lake Nona, 2 guests from another club and Yadi brought a guest.  Sheila did a speech and she was fabulous. Apparently the scene was from a play but I didn't know that......where is the casting director?????   Call Hollywood, call New York, call call call!

We had a very good meeting, good fellowship and just plain good to be in the company of such nice people.  I hope everyone enjoys the week, Let us start to think about where we might want to celebrate the holidays for our club.  Any interesting restaurants around?  Coffee bars?  Anyway, maybe something to talk about soon.  Have a nice time at the Conference and be safe!
- Story by Lygia Arcaro, CC, Club President