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October 24, 2013

Congo River Golf Field Trip!
Just because our meeting room was being painted, doesn't keep us from having a great time!

When we first received word that our meeting room at the Renaissance would not be available due to repainting, it never occurred to our members that we were NOT going to meet!

Calls were made to arrange for a little field Congo River Golf in East Orlando and a great time was had by all!

The evening had yet another magical significance. It was the wedding anniversary of two of our wonderful members, Eric and Lisa Spindle.




Thank you Nancy Hoehn for supplying the cupcakes and balloon for our happy couple!

Congratulations Eric and Lisa Spindle!!!






Two of the local "residents" swim nearby, just hoping that a YTTM member drops in.

"Hey! You Talkin to Me?"  It just wasn't going to happen! Sorry, fellas!

Luda Kuzmich


The club was randomly divided into smaller groups.

Kerry Knapp, Lisa Spindle, Mabel Burridge and Luda Kuzmich tee up at one of the challenging holes. Luda, a first time player of miniature golf, managed to hit THREE hole-in-one shots during the night.

Nice game, Luda!

Nancy Hoehn Congo River



As an added challenge, we could not get away without SOME sort of public speaking!  At each hole, the winner of the round would draw a random Table Topic to ask any of the others in their group.

Here's Nancy Hoehn, Tony Luh, Robert Kilonzo, Orlando Michaud and Tifny Humbertson enjoy their round.


Scott Hoehn

 After the game, several of the members continued the fun next door at Chili's. I can't say if other clubs have this much fun together, but what a wonderful evening. What a great job of organizing and creativity!