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Avalon Food & Wine Fest



We LOVE to welcome new Toastmasters to our club!  At a recent Avalon Food & Wine Fest presented by the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Hoehn arranged to setup an information booth for several of our members to spread the word about our fun club!






Although EVERYONE is invited to join, Public Speaking still remains the number one fear people have... OVER DEATH!  When you check out one of YTTM's fun-filled meetings (every Thursday at 6:30pm), you'll ask yourself "What in the world was I afraid of???"





Brand new members, Janet Beckles (Club President), Faye Slater (Treasurer), Perry Smith (VP Public Relations) and Jacquelyn Boulware (VP Education) join Nancy and Scott Hoehn in the information tent for "You Talkin' to Me?"








Perry Smith & Nancy Hoehn cheerfully inform Avalon's attendees about the MANY benefits of joining Toastmasters.  There's an application with YOUR name on it, ready to welcome you into our dynamic club!