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Charter Certificates

Laughter, Warm Farewell, Champagne & Food...Does it get any better?

Toastmaster meetings simply don't get ANY better than this!  A full house of Celebrity Speech Champion, District Dignitaries, Delicious Food and a heartfelt farewell filled the evening of September 1, 2011 as the You Talkin' to Me? Toastmasters club celebrated our official charter.

Club co-founder Nancy Hoehn, ACS served as Toastmaster of the Evening, welcoming the many dignitaries (District Lt Gov Marketing Dee Melvin, DTM, Division E Governor, Lisa Franklin, DTM, Area 92 Governor Bill Brisbin, CC.  As a special treat, Nancy invited District 84 Humorous Speech Champion, David Loyd, DTM to present his award winning speech "Fifteen minutes, three times a week".

Nancy took members on a brief trip down memory-lane, reflecting on the club's beginning days a few months ago, when brand new members with no prior TM experience jumped in and took on club officer roles and quickly emerged from their shells.  No wonder we chose "You Talkin' to Me?" for our club's name.  We're just a fun group of self-starters!

YTTM also holds the distinction of being the very LAST club to charter in the world last term, logging in at 2:58AM on July 1st, when the deadline was 3:00AM.  You talkin' to ME???  You bet we are!


One of our very first members is on her way to a new adventure and yet she will be missed terribly.  Jacquelyn Boulware has been an inspiration to us all because of her leadership and charm.  A Harvard graduate and mother of seven, Jacquelyn has shared many wonderful stories.  Perhaps most touching is her connection to our club's President, Janet Beckles.  Believe it or not, Jacquelyn was Janet's FIFTH GRADE TEACHER in the Virgin Islands!  They found each other in Florida and we're so happy they BOTH joined YTTM!

Our hearts go with you, Jacquelyn and our door is ALWAYS open in hopes of your return!

So HOW do you recover from those tearful thoughts?!?  BRING ON DAVE! 
District 84 Humorous Speech Champion, David Loyd, DTM
cracked everyone up with his award winning speech "Fifteen Minutes, Three Times a Week".   Little did we know that if a guy hangs his suit on wire hangers, in time the suit is going to SHRINK!  Or so, that was how Dave explained what his wife claimed was weight gain.   Arms flailing and vocal changes has us laughing through a journey of exercise routines until Dave settled on a combination of a beer-equipped bicycle that he mounted on his treadmill.  Now THAT is what I call an exercise routine!  Thanks for the laughter and tips, Dave!


Here, Dave is demonstrating the poise and grace involved with using his Nordic-Trak Ski training machine.  After taking 3 hours to perform the 15 minute assembly of the machine, Dave realized it wasn't the method he'd like.  Photos of Dave lying on the floor are not displayed here, since he'd rather his wife didn't see him sweeping the floor with his suit!





The HISTORIC moment we'd been waiting for, was presented by Lt Governor Marketing, Dee Melvin, DTM.  Dee traveled from Melbourne to present our Charter Certificates, since she realizes the importance of starting a new club.  Dee is not only a member of SEVEN Toastmaster Clubs in Melbourne, but she is one of the TOP THREE leaders in our District of 4000 members.

"The members of You Talkin' to Me? are part of Toastmasters history.  One hundred years from now, YTTM members will have a centennial celebration where they will honor your names" Dee tells us.  Granted of course, we won't be around's still a sweet thought to know our names will go on.  Thank you Dee for your continuing dedication to our clubs

HEY! Did someone mention FOOD???  If you missed this meeting, your taste buds lost out on a major treat!  Mouth-watering homemade meatballs, delicious dips, tasty chicken, sandwich wraps, cheesy pasta treats, diet-wrecking cake, bubbly champagne and more, made this a meeting we could all sink our teeth into. Special thanks to all who provided these delicacies!  YTTM definitely knows how to party!











New YTTM members, Micheal Cooper and Sheila Williams joined in the fun of the evening, as did members of other local clubs.  Michael took on the role of TIMER for the evening to ensure this meeting as ALL YTTM meetings stay on time!  Nice work, Michael!